The Warranty That Makes You Yell, “Neato!”

“When you join the Neato family, we’ll take care of you for the life of the company.

We are committed to keeping the pilots who choose Neato Frames as the house for their electronics in the air doing what you do best.


No one likes to crash, but it’s a part of this hobby and a part of improving. So our goal is to make the improving process a little less painful.

Go out. Fly your heart out. And when you crash hopefully your Neato Frame will hold up (we’ve designed it to!).

But if it doesn’t and you end up breaking your frame to the point of it not being able to fly, we have your back.

The Neato Frames Lifetime Warranty covers your carbon fiber for the life of the company. Even if we discontinue the frame, as long as we are still in business we will replace any broken carbon.*

Simply use the form below and provide photo proof (videos for our entertainment if you have them!), and we cover your carbon replacement minus shipping and handling.

*This warranty covers carbon fiber only. In order for you to be eligible for a free replacement, the part must be damaged so as to cause flight impossible or dangerous. Cracked arms and plates, or fully snapped carbon fiber. Carbon dents and cosmetic damage from crashing is not covered. Keep beating it up till it can’t fly, then we’ll get you a shiny new piece 🙂

*Fastback arms are not covered. We do, however, offer replacement arms at about cost!

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