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Quick Facts:

  • 5in Props
  • 108g (5mm arms) | 96g (4mm arms)
  • 210mm motor to motor (X config)
  • Pocket Dimensions in mm: 52L x 43W x 7H (5mm arms)
  • Possible Stack Height: ~23mm (3 layer stack)
  • 1 Bolt Arm Replacements
  • Ultra durable TPE canopy (stiffer than TPU)
  • Made for Mini and Micro cams, but does fit full size



Comes with:

  • 2 body plates
  • 5 arms
  • 1 canopy
  • 1 stack plate
  • 1 battery strap
  • Micro & Mini cam custom mount
  • Battery pad

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Additional information

Weight 6 oz


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FULL Fastback Build Walkthrough using the components listed below:

All 7 parts can be found HERE

Fastback Dump file for BF 3.2.1: https://goo.gl/QQnPyd


Recommended Parts

  • Cam: Runcam Mini or Micro
    The Micro is fully protected by the pod, the Mini lens sticks out a bit but looks better overall. You want the non-OSD Runcams instead of the Foxeer arrow mini or micro with OSD because the FC listed here has Betaflight OSD.
  • VTX: TBS Unify HV Race
    Powers off of lipo power plus their smart audio works with this setup, allowing for easy VTX frequency changes through the betaflight OSD as well as changing from 25mw to 200mw depending on what your race event allows.
  • Antenna: AXII U.FL or Strix Pagoda
    The AXII U.FL connects perfect with the Unify for 12-16g weight savings and can be mounted mostly inside the pod, keeping it very well protected. If you’d prefer a full-size antenna, the Strix Pagoda has a great signal and I will show you a secure way to mount it so that breaking it will be very difficult, while still maintaining a strong signal.
  • FC/ESC: Hobby Wing F4 FC & 40A 4in1 Stack
    This is the magic sauce. They stack together with pins making for the easiest FC and 4in1 setup I’ve used to date, and I’ve yet to have any issues with either. At 40a you’ll have a hard time finding a setup it cannot handle. The FC supports dshot600 and has 3 UART ports. One for your RX, one for smart audio, and a spare for whatever your needs.
  • Motors: Cobra Champion 2207-2450kv
    I had my doubts about this motor because it weighed in at 38g, but because of the exceptionally smooth power band, it outperformed more powerful motors such as the f60 pro 2500kv and the lighter Bolt RC 2207-2450 on this setup. I believe 90% of pilots will fly better with this motor or a motor similar in flying characteristics because a smooth powerband is a more predictable flying experience. If you’re a newer pilot, I would suggest a 2205 or 2206 size motor.
    See this video for an explanation of why: https://youtu.be/Zjw0uEO-Vi4
  • RX: Smallest available for your radio (XM+ fits perfect for Frsky users)
    This is a race specific frame, so you don’t need a full range receiver. But the XM+ is full range, and I believe the smaller Spektrum RX is also and will have no problems mounting inside the pod the way I will demonstrate.

And here is some additional build material to bring it all together:

  • Soft mount bobbins
    These reduce vibrations from the frame to your FC.
  • Techflex Wire Mesh
    This comes in a variety of colors and really makes your build look clean. But the main purpose is to protect your wires from being sliced by a bent prop.
  • UAV Glue
    This has become valuable in many ways during a build. I mainly use it to take the stress off of wire connections, but in the build video, you’ll see a couple ways it’s useful.
  • Forever Tubes
    Not extremely important for the way that I mount the RX wires on the Fastback, but I do use them if I have them on hand as it helps protect the RX wires from being crushed or cut.
  • Zip ties
    Zip ties are your friend. For mounting antennas, LEDs, capacitors, and other accessories. This multi-size pack will last you forever.



The Fastback, being a modular race frame, will only have the body plates covered under warranty. The arms are sold in packs of 5 at about cost to help keep our Fastback pilots in the race!