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Welcome To Neato Frames

Durable. Neat. Sexy.

Neato Frames is set on shaking things up in the FPV industry. No more ugly boxes full of wires hanging every which way. If you buy from Neato Frames, you’re buying for looks above all else.
But we won’t stop there. You’re going to get a frame that can take a beating while looking good doing it.
Included with every frame will be 3d parts specifically designed to accentuate every curve, creating a lust you never had for a miniquad before. Watch out ladies, your men are about to fall in love… with a quad… yeah, it’s not weird.
With a name like Neato, you can expect to find a level of functionality to live up to the name. Cable management built in. Functional cooling vents built into the skirts to keep the electronics cool. Thoughtfully placed VTX mounts and other small details that will make all the difference.
Here at Neato Frames, we understand that it’s the little things that make a difference, and we promise to bring you frames that blow you away.

Meet our team

Nich “neato” Zuhoski

With a degree in 3D design, Nich has spent the past 8 years working on commercials and animated movies such as The Book of Life, and up and comers like Rock Dog, W.I.S.H. Police, Scooby-Doo, and other upcoming titles. When he isn’t busting his ass making your kids happy with his bigger than life animations, he’s following his passion building miniquads with his Dad for his personal collection (20 and growing!), and until starting Neato Frames, customer builds (30+).

With all these custom builds Nich made a name for himself in the community for his unique style and eye for design. His builds are always super clean, or “neat”, no visible wires and custom skirts and accessories to really make the most of any frame design.

And then one day, he met Justin, and with a little push… Neato Frames was born.

Justin “itwillbefun” Skinner

Justin is the man behind the man. He’s the one who takes care of the business end of things so Nich can focus on working his magic bringing you great designs.

An entrepreneur at heart, his passions lie in building businesses around his lifestyle. Starting his first business in college, Neato Frames is business #5, and just may be his favorite.

He began flying mini quads late 2015 with the Nano Blade QX 3d, and set his sights quickly on a “big boy” drone. Not one to waste time, he reached out to Nich after seeing some of his work and commissioned him to build a drone for him so he’d get in the air as quick as possible.

Seeing Nich’s passion and skill first hand, Justin kept whispering in his ear till he caved and partnered with him for Neato Frames.

You’re welcome.” 😉